A Little Princess

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The first book I ever bought this year! And I am totally not regretting buying this even know I said to myself that I’d finish first all my unread books.

The story isn’t new to me. Filipinos know this as Sarah, Ang Munting Prinsesa. It is one of my favorite movies. It always reminds me that I am princess.

The novel was very innocent and heart-warming. I always caught myself smiling because Sara is very clever. I do wish that I was like her when I was younger. But I know I can always pretend things when it’s not good – hang-on – I’ve been pretending a lot all this time too! Haha Sometimes, I don’t know which is reality and which is fantasy. Very Inception!

I was so touched by Sara’s pure heart, especially when her situation was the worst but she managed to help someone! It reminded me of one fateful evening when I was on my way back to my dorm, from a whole day of internship, that I saw a kid (i assumed he’s a street child because he’s dirty) giving an older beggar something. I did not see what the kid actually gave but I know it was alms. All I was able to do was to utter “Shame on me.” I always have more than enough money for myself yet I barely help poor people. It got me thinking how I spend my life. If that little kid, who is obviously badly off than me can help another person, what kind of person am I?

One time, years before that fateful incident, my religion professor gave us an assignment; we should do something holy for a whole week. I decided to give food to a beggar once a day. The area of my school can be considered a place of beggars so, you would really see beggars every day. During that activity, I felt I am sooooooo lucky and I felt that I have everything I needed and I should be thankful ever yday.

A Little Princess, this novel, did not only brought me back to my childhood, to my inner princess wish, but also to make me think on how I can help others too.

If you know some organization, maybe you can help by donating some money or your time. Our church in my hometown has a scholarship program so maybe in your church, there’s programs too that you can help.

One particular organization that I know of is World Vision. Just 600 pesos a month and you can help a child and change his life.

You, who can read this, I know you’re well-off so let’s all start helping others.

Thank you Sara Crewe, thank you Frances Hodgson Burnett for giving me a new perspective in facing every day that comes and making me realize that the world would be a better place if we always have goodness in our hearts, whatever situation we may be.

– Ren, February 15, 2013, 6:10pm


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2 Responses to A Little Princess

  1. MC says:

    I read this book long time ago when I was growing up loved it. So glad you liked it and it made a change

    • hi! thanks for commenting! i’ve known the story since i was a child but it’s just this time that i actually read it! glad that i really read the whole novel. and yes, i love it when novels change me 🙂

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