The Great Gatsby

Finally! I’ve finished reading a classic novel! I had been trying to read a classic since last year, but I did not get it. I find it hard to understand, the sentences are so long but it only says very little. And also, my pretty little brain is not familiar with old English so I always end up falling asleep.

But finally! (again) I’ve done it. I finished the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald and honestly, I don’t think I understood all the morals that Fitzgerald wants to share. The novel was very very simple: spoiler alert. Nick just moved in to West Egg, met his neighbor Gatsby who throws large party for his precious loved one Daisy who is married to Tom who has a mistress (whom as of this writing I can’t seem to remember) whom was killed by Daisy by an accident.

Personally, it was just another story. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the classics. Maybe it’s just not my forte so I don’t really appreciate it. Also, it reminds me of Ted Mosby of HIMYM throwing parties so he can invite Robin casually.

The large parties Gatsby was throwing is a call for help for Gatsby. It’s just sad that in the end, he has nothing. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Anyway, maybe in the future I’ll read this again and find some new perspective. I should stop writing now.


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