Dream Job

Let me share you one article that really struck my heart. This is very perfect for my friends and I.

“Most young graduates grab the first offer that comes their way. (With the present status of our economy, they can’t afford to be choosy.) They want to be a part of the workforce in a hurry even though they’re clueless as to the kind of job they really want. Some may be lucky with their first job, but the majority are not so fortunate, I believe.”

I’m one of the unfortunate majority. When the first job came, I grabbed it, without really thinking about it. I entered the workforce because I already need one, I want one. And even some of my friends are not so happy with their first and current work, but they are still there. I, on the other hand, might be considered a fool and left my first job without any concrete plan.

“Go after your interest in life before it’s too late or else you’ll be missing the opportunities, dearie.”

Money is very important. But don’t let money dictates your life. For me, I’m very young, and my parents can still pay for all my clothes and food and every necessities so I drop the job with a snap. Don’t stuck yourself to a work which you don’t have a heart.

“Never lose sight of your goals, for only you can make them happen. Dreaming is good, but doing something to achieve your dreams is necessary.”

Yes, be a dreamer.

*Title is the same with the article that can be found in Young Blood 3 book. Article by Rain Reyes.

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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