Summer and the City

You know why I love chick literature? Because I’m a girl, and after reading the novel, I feel like I’m this superwoman and can do anything and still find my prince charming. And also, I can finish it within a day and I feel like I’m kinda cheating my 50 books list. haha

So Summer and NY! The story was divided in three parts. But I have three part- opinion/review but it does not really mean each single part. The first part was awesome. Finally, Carrie is in New York. I can totally relate to her first room. It reminded me of my first room in my dorm. A room within a room. But hers and mine was the first room, which is very small and very public. Gosh I hate it!

For me, the middle part was a bit boring. Sure, Carrie seemed to be in parties night after night but for me it isn’t as entertaining as I expected it. I just didn’t have anything to do that time so I keep reading the book. And Carrie, as I expected, was obsessed again with his boyfriend. It’s the very same thing like Sebastian. Am I doing it right? Why hasn’t he called yet? I think he doesn’t love me. I don’t know what to do when I lose you in my life acts, which honestly is what I don’t like with Carrie and to the story at all. It’s as if she can’t function without a boyfriend. Come on girls, you don’t have to assure your life worth by having a boyfriend. That’s ridiculous!

Also, one thing I noticed is like she can’t wait to be an actual New Yorker. When she came home one weekend to visit her family, sure some odds are not in her favor – but come on, it’s still your home. Maybe that’s for her. But for me, it’s the first thing I tell to people. I’m from this wonderful island and what people have/can do here in the city, I can do better. Be proud of your roots.

The last part was so-so. The ending was a bit climatic for me because I’ve been waiting for Charlotte the whole story and she only came in the end.

The entire novel was easy to read. If you’re a real fan of Sex and the City series, well, I guess you won’t feel some low points.

Oh New York, I think I’m really in love with you now.

–          Ren January 12, 2013

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