Oh this very prominent bill.

Since the issue of RH bill rose, I’ve always been one of those who wanted to pursue it.   I have my reasons.

I just hate seeing children not receiving education in the lives. Poor family die poor because they can’t afford quality education. Also, children lose their innocence at a young age because they had to work. They have no more time to play, to be goofy and to be silly.

My thought has always been, if family can just limit their offspring, there would be less stomach to feed, less brain to educate.

My reason solely is about practicality. I still haven’t read the entire bill so I won’t pretend to know everything.

But even with my reasons and stand for a long time, there’s always a part of me that says that I should not be in this place.

I had my entire education on Catholic schools. The SVD priests and SPC nuns have thought me a lot of moral that the world actually need.

I try to reason on my own. I debated myself silently. I wanted to ignore what the church and the CBCP are saying because I think that they can be biased at times.

Then, while I was watching a feature story in Rated K about a woman who can see Mama Mary. She said that Mama Mary told her that her son Jesus won’t like it if the bill would pass. It would just ruin the body and soul. (Not verbatim. This is what I have remembered and understand.)

It made me think again on what I believe. I’m not a very religious person but I have learned enough from my schools and from my own experience to listen to God.

What I’m really trying to say is – I actually don’t know. It’s just that there’s always a part of me that is a pro-RH Bill and a part which is anti-RH Bill.

I just want all children to receive the right education because I had the best education my parents can give me. I want all children to enjoy their childhood the way I had mine – pure of innocence, happiness, positivity and love. I hope all parents would be very responsible and supportive like mine. I just want fairness in the world.

Maybe that’s too much to ask.

– Ren, September 2, 2012 8:15pm

*Found this in my memory card. I should have posted this months ago but I guess, that time, I just decided not to share this anymore. But now that the RH Bill is few steps from being an actual law, I guess it’s time to share.


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