Life can be sad.

While I was waiting for my take-out food on Chowking last night, something hit me. No, not the physical hit. It’s something in my mind. You know, when I am alone and just waiting, I just keep on thinking about stuff. That’s why most of my reflection entries here are formed first while riding a jeepney (because I’m always alone and the traffic here in Manila is ridiculous!)

Earlier that day, when I took off the MRT train, the guard greeted me “Good Morning, Ma’am.” I responded too, “Good Morning po,” but I did not bother to look him in the eyes.

When I am sitting near the door in Chowking, it was raining by the way, a waiter was mapping the floor to make it clean. Customers keep on coming in and out. He would greet them, “Welcome Ma’am.” “Thank you for coming sir!” And his tone showed the gratitude, not a robotic way. And he kept on mapping the same spot as the shoe prints keep on coming.

It made me realize, that waiter and that guard work harder than I am. And I’m sure their wages is minimum. Then, I just felt sad because life is unfair. I work now too, by the way, (this is another tons of entry), but my work is more of just email people, talk to people, evaluate their resumes and all that jazz, and though I don’t exactly receive salary (I receive allowance from the company every week as I’m a trainee yet), I know I still receive more. That waiter and that guard work harder than I am. I just have to repeat the sentence for emphasize. They are tired physically and mentally while I am tired just on my travel going home. I barely felt tired at work since I’m just sitting, clicking the mouse and typing on the keyboard.

Few months ago, I read in a blog that we should say thank you more. I forgot what else did she say on that entry but after reading that I try to say thank you everytime.

One lunch time, I ordered in Jollibee. While I was waiting on the line, a waiter approached me to ask for my order so he could call it in advance. A woman, seemed to be in a mother-age was behind me. I heard the entire conversation. I forgot what she ordered but at the end she said, “walang drinks.” (No drinks). Then the waiter wrote it down and as an automatic door opens everytime there’s a person, he asked, “Ano pong drinks?” (What drinks ma’am?)  and to my surprise, the woman answered, “di ba sinabi ko na na walang drinks?!!” (Did I just tell that no drinks?!!). I was so shocked. Yes, you just said it but you don’t have to be this rude, woman. In my mind, I’m thinking that maybe the woman was in a bad mood or whatever but that is not the proper way to treat a waiter or anyone who seem inferior to you, or anyone at all!

That time, I keep on saying thank you so I could be really nice to people. I was not always so nice to people back then but I was never that rude to anyone.

It just makes me sad.

I don’t know how to conclude here. I just felt so lucky that I have in a better situation (financially speaking, maybe) than the waiters and guard I have mentioned.

Well, maybe I would just reiterate what I have learned on that blog. Let us say Thank You to everyone, and let’s mean it. When the cashier gave your change, thank her. When the guard in your school, or office or in your condo greeted you Good Morning (Evening), greet him as well, with a smile and make sure to look him in the eyes.

And also, don’t ever be rude to people, inferior or superior to you.

Oh, what was that Sirius told Harry in the Black house?

“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”

Yeah, that.

-Ren, October 2, 2012.

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