I Can’t Make You Love Me

No, I’m not referring to someone. Goodness, I wish there is someone. Oh wait, there are, actually! Guys from either the fictional world or some celebrities.

Anyway, I first heard this song on American Idol 11 when Hollie sang it. I liked it right away. The song is full of emotion. I remember I almost cried when I heard it. I really felt the sadness of the song itself, it makes me relate one way or another.

Then, a month ago, I think, I youtube-ed it and found that Adele performed it in her concert and her version is so amazing as well. Now, while walking outside the compound, with cold air that makes me feel like Christmas, I recalled this song in a snap. I’m not even sad or feeling like the song, it just came to my mind.

So now, as I write this, Bonnie Raitt’s version has been playing more or less ten times already. I’ve been singing along as well, and imagining myself singing this when my family would have another karaoke sessions.

And I read the song’s background on wikipedia. The writers of the songs got inspired when they read a story (real life) that a drunk guy shoot his girlfriend’s car and the guy said “I learned, Your Honor, that you can’t make a woman love you if she don’t.”. This made my heart melt. Oh the things we do for love! Another thing, the song was first released in 1991. I love the idea that the songs I am currently inlove with are released way beyond my birthday.

Learning and loving songs released before 1992 is one of my goals to broaden my knowledge and love for music.

Here’s Bonnie Raitt’s version

Here’s Adele’s

and here’s Hollie’s. The judges said that she did not understand the song and all that but I really think Hollie did give justice to this song.

And I can’t choose which is the best version. Every version is awesome. Every singer gave her 101% emotions. Love each versions.

**And I promise that the next time I’ll post on this blog, it won’t be about a song.

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