A Little Chit-Chat

So I woke up early today, and found that my brother is still awake! Then we had this conversation. For your information, stuff we usually talk about are books, movies, if I already have a job, books, movies, he thinks I’m being too choosy, and books. Haha

Then, Hunger Games was mentioned. He was asking if I have a copy of the film. I said no but said that I have ebooks of the series. Then I added that he should just buy the 3 books because it’s only worth one thousand pesos.

To my surprised, he answered “Ebook na lang. Kalat lang yun dito.” (I like ebook instead. Books would just litter here.) My heart was broken! You see, if he would buy the books, I would just have to borrow it so my one thousand pesos worth of money can be used in another book.

Sure we don’t have the luxury of space here. Living in the Metro Manila is like living in New York. You all get the fabulous stuff, skyscrapers and lights but you get to live in not so big places, unless you’re freaking rich.

I am writing this because that little chit-chat broke my heart. I know my brother loves reading books. He might be as big bookworm as I am. But he is still being himself – the practical one and I am being myself – the money drainer.

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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