New Discovery

I know no guy who writes his thoughts. Not just any thoughts, thoughts about a lady.

As another day passed on my life, I stumble upon letters made by a guy about his feelings for a certain girl. I know that was the guy’s privacy, but it was an accident okey?! And i read very few.

Anyway, please reread the very first sentence of this entry. Well, I really don’t have any close friend who is a guy. I had tons of guy classmates but no one was really a close friend. The only man I am quite close with was my cousins, no, my younger cousin and my even younger nephews. Clan closeness you know. My cousins (girls included) and I love cycling before, but then our bikes are already retired. Then we go badminton together, until the rackets gave up on our strong smashes. We watch movies together now, if given the chance.

Not that I shut myself on having a guy friend. Wait, this isn’t about me finding a friend who is a guy. This is something else, something to learn, I hope.

It amazes me how this guy I mentioned earlier write the same diary style letter like me. Let us call this guy Juan for better and clearer way of sharing. When I read the letters, I thought I wrote it for someone I had a major crush few years ago. I thought it was me because I use the same words. Juan’s fears and secret kiligs are very much the same as mine.

 I thought guys who write this kind of letters were those who are really into literature and writing.  Maybe I was being stereotype or maybe I just don’t have enough knowledge on the opposite sex.

 I read a lot of romantic letters/stories from a woman’s perspective. The only man’s perspective I have read was from Nicholas Sparks, whom he’s writing – I think- is very much focus on his woman’s audience. Juan’s letters are solely for himself, his masculine self.

 And as I write this, while sitting in our mini-balcony on our newest house, I realized some things. Guys are as sensitive as girls. I thought this kind of guys can only be found on movies and books. Well, my guess is wrong once again. And in this modern world, guys who truly are after the happiness/comfortability of a girl makes them more lovable. I think hopeless romantic guys are way more romantic than the straightforward guy because once they make the move, it will be flawless.

 I feel like I’m losing enough words to continue this so I’ll end now.

 – Ren, who is now learning another perspective. July 4, 2012, 8:35pm

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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