Featured Song: I’ll Be There For You

This song has been playing over and over since lunch time. And there was a part on the song that I thought was my brother’s alarm clock – It was part of the song, I did not realized this till now. haha

This song by The Rembrandts was released on 1994. I was just two years old back then, but I’m pretty sure this song would be on my list of favorite-song-forever.

The song was the Friends’s theme song. Would you believe that I just discovered this series last March? And since then I became addicted. Thank you ETC for the reruns every night. I just hate you ETC for having No-Friends-during Monday! haha

The song is very upbeat. It is very honest. It tells some hardships in life but as long as you have your friends, everything would be awesome. I remembered a status I made a year ago – it says something like – ang mahirap na trabaho ay nagiging madali kapag may mga baliw na kaibigan. (A hard work becomes easy when you’re with your crazy friends.)

And this is the song’s official video. The video is so crazy, makes me want to join them! I so love the friendship in friends. And this song is my newest alarm clock; I’m pretty sure I’ll dance my way up from my bed.

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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