100 random things about me.

1. My favorite color is pink, which is my favorite since I can remember.

2. I used to have a twin. My cousin and I used to dress alike, varying in colors and a lot of people thought that we’re twins.

3. I use teaspoon and small fork every time I eat at home. I can’t eat comfortably if I’m using the normal size of spoon and fork.

4. Since high school, I’m obsessed with Hannah Montana, Sam Concepcion and Nikki Gil. After 8 years, I still am.

5. I have never attended a real concert. The only concert I’ve watched are those from school.

6. My best friends are Baby Clever and Brighty Boy.

7. I used to dream to be a teacher, until I realized that a teacher earns small.

8. I studied keyboards for 3 years.

9. I had singing and dancing lessons with my twin cousin for 2 consecutive summers.

10. Mom enrolled me in singing and dancing because my brother and I keep on fighting on who would hold the tv remote.

11. I always thought that I have a singing voice. 😦 (hate this realization! Haha)

12. I auditioned in front of students (1st yr-4th yr) in my freshmen year. I haven’t realized that I’m not blessed with my voice ;p

13. My cousins used to play beauty pageants and with biased judgments, I always win. Haha

14. My favorite fried chicken is worth only 17php! It was 15 when I was young.

15. I first had my cellphone when I was grade 5.

16. I had 3 cellphones to date.

17. I always love writing. Writing as in copying notes.

18. I started watching English movies on my senior year in high school.

19. I always love swimming but I only learned how to swim on my sophomore year in college.

20. I eat rice a lot.

21. People think I’m snob but I’m just really shy.

22. I almost took up Accountancy.

23. I really traveling, except the fact that the farthest place I’ve been was in Baguio, on a school trip.

24. I love sleeping while the tv is on.

25. I love sleeping while the car is moving.

26. I’m always the youngest or one of the youngest students on my class.

27. I kinda studied html so I can customize my friendster account’s background.

28. My real passion is cutting. Give me paper and scissors and I’m good. 🙂

29. I gave myself a full bangs once because I was so bored. It turned out that my bangs wasn’t straight.

30. I believe in Friday the 13th.

31. I always wanted to learn how to drive but too lazy to actually study it.

32. When I was younger, I believed that coffee made my skin darker.

33. I love mathematics.

34. I was once compared to my crush which made me really kilig deep inside.

35. I asked my mom if I had a Spanish blood because of our surname – Hernandez.

36. I feel like I really learned how to speak English in my senior year in high school.

37. I had so many nicknames during senior year in HS and friends still use it.

38. I won 9th place on photojournalism on 4th year HS (one of my very few accomplishment!)

39. I am such a couch potato.

40. Hilary Duff is my first ever idol.

41. A poster of Heart Evangelista used to hang on my wall for nearly 8years or more.

42. Sam Concepcion is my crush for the longest time! More or less 7 years already!

43. Tuesdays with Morrie is the first novel I fell in love with.

44. Ang Tundo Man May Langit Din is the only Tagalog novel I have read yet.

45. Illustrado is the 2nd novel I have read that is written by a Filipino author. I’m not sure if I actually understand the whole story.

46. Blossom is my favorite cartoon character.

47. I once won over my brother on a Yu-Gi Oh! (cards) fight. He said that I only won because I had better cards. This is one of my favorite accomplishments in life! Haha

48. I’m an impulsive buyer.

49. I want to see the moon while lying on my bed.

50. My cousins and I buried a pet bird. We even gave him a proper funeral. 🙂

51. College life taught me how to do my own laundry, and flat iron my clothes.

52. I hate heels during my first year in college. I graduated college with a major love on heels.

53. I consider myself a professional cyclist.

54. I think I have ADHD.

55. I have my annual must-buy-book every August 31. I think I’ll do this with other dates as well.

56. My teacher once made me sit beside some student teachers because I was so noisy. I made friends with one of them. (4th grade!)

57. I can sleep 22 hours a day. I have to eat on the remaining 2 hours haha

58. I super duper love baking but I only bake once in a blue moon.

59. The first album I bought was Sam Concepcion’s debut album.

60. I love hotdogs.

61. I love sandwich.

62. Burger is one of my favorite foods.

63. I want to become a film maker.

64. I have never been in a plane.

65. I started reading Harry Potter on November 2010 and ended on January 2011.

66. I once did not sleep on an exam day so I could be so early at school and have the best seat (just in front of the professor’s table) because I had a super crush on this prof. Sadly, he was not the proctor on that exam!

67. I chose to read The Da Vinci Code instead of seeing my friends and attend UST’s Paskuhan.

68. I’m not a sweet person.

69. I have to be fluent in Spanish. por favor!

70. I fell in love with full moon and owls after reading Harry Potter.

71. I consider myself nerd, but nobody ever called me that. (maybe not to my face)

72. I have tons of girl crushes.

73. My brother did not know that his HS ID which he surrendered after graduating is in my possession.

74. My mum said that when I was younger I said that I wanted to have a restaurant.

75. Mum once asked me if I wanted to go to culinary school because I’ve been watching cooking shows nonstop.

76. I get easily annoyed.

77. My lips are always chapped and I always peel off the skin of my lips.

78. I have a dextroscoliosis. (There’s an adjective before this. An anatomical term on where is actually my scolio. Forgot the bloody term!)

79. I want to learn how to play the guitar since high school.

80. I’m not fond of eating in the morning but I super  love breakfast foods.

81. I always love twitter more than facebook.

82. My oily face and pimples are one of my constant problems.

83. I never said it to my parents but I don’t really like my whole name.

84. I see my hand pretty if my nails are quite long.

85. I don’t really like my nail on my feet.

86. I  love wearing big watches or men’s watches.

87. My favorite watch is my college friends’ friendship watch.

88. I love rain.

89. I like listening to classical and instrumental music.

90. I’m really OCD with my books. I only use thick plastic covers for better protection. On other things, not really anal.

91. The twilight saga is on my to-read list. Fellow Potterheads, don’t hate me okey?!

92. I can sleep either with light or without. I can sleep even the radio is on.

93. I want to have a bed cover and pillow cover of Hannah Montana and Barbie.

94. I am so convinced to that I will get a tattoo until I had read something in The Lost Symbol. See Levicticus 19:28.

95. I can’t think of essays or critic paper or opinion paper while in front of a computer. I write it first.

96. I use mechanical pencil instead of pen because if the pen doesn’t write smoothly, I get really annoyed. Thus, makes me not in the mood to write which is really disappointing.

97. I eat the most on dinner.

98. I drink water a lot, mostly at night time.

99. Bookstores are my favorite part of the mall.

100. I hate rides such as roller coaster. I’m not fond of theme parks but I really want to go to Disneyland.

I made this so I can see in the future if some things have changed. Made this on July 7, 2012.

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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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