Movies on the second half of 2012

This lunch, while my brother and I were watching the news,  well… err, I was half watching and half reading Book 10 of Pretty Little Liars, and my brother’s half stretching/excercising before sleeping and half watching, we heard a news that made both of us excited.

Monsters University. Apparently, we both love Monsters Inc. The clip was so cute, giving the background on how these monsters scare entertain children.

So when I went online, I searched for this movie. Bad news was this movie would be on 2013! Good news is I can save enough money for Imax 3D and a large bucket of cheesey popcorn! haha

Then I went to my favorite site on the movies that will be shown this year. I got really excited for some of the movies.

1. Brave

I know that this would be a brilliant movie. Everything that Disney Pixar make is fantabulous! And I know I would learn a lot on this movie – as the title itself. I have to be brave! Oh and I love the protagonist! She’s readhair and has bushy hair. It makes me think if she’s an offspring of Ron and Hermione! haha

2. Step Up Revolution

I love all the Step Up movies. They all make me wanna dance dance and dance! By the looks of the trailer, this movie would gonna make me dance until my last breath! Indeed, it’s more than a step. It’s a revolution!

3. The Perks of being a Wallflower

The moment I heard that Emma Watson would star in this movie, I immediately read the book. And the book was totally good! I can relate on being a wallflower! And I’m excited watching Hermione Emma outside of Hogwarts.

4. Taken 2

I wanted to scream and jump when I read that there would be a Taken 2. Taken was my first ever action-killing movie that i actually watched and love. I first watched it on a ship and did not know the title. After a year, I think, I finally learned that the title was Taken. So I am really psyched to learn about Taken 2.

5. Anna Karenina

The story is a classic so this is in my list even though I have not read the book yet. And I have to read the book first before watching the movie. Here’s the trailer but I did not watch it so there wouldn’t be any spoilers. I love reading books when I have no idea what the story is all about.

6. The Hobbit

I already made an entry about this here with the trailer. 🙂

7. The Great Gatsby

Since it is also a classic story, this in in my list. And the book is by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Being a Psych geek, I want to read books by some people prominent in the Psychology world.

8.  Karate Kid 2

I super love the first movie. It makes me regret that I did not study any martial arts when I was a child. And I hope the second movie is as awesome as the first.

9.  Lego The Movie

I don;t’t have any idea about this. But I’m guessing there would be tons of lego on this movie! haha Legos remind me of my thesis. So I might drag my thesis mates on watching this!

10. The Lost Symbol

I am a big fan of Dan Brown’s novel. Though the the only movie I have watched as of the moment was The Da Vinci Code, which I find boring and made me fell asleep twice, I hope this newest movie would be as awesome as the book.

11. Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew

I hope by this time you probably realized that I am interested on movies from books. But books are always better for me. Anyway, this is the exception. I enjoyed more the Narnia movies than the books so I am really excited on this! Yaaay!

12. Sex and the City 3

I love the fact that even though there is sex in the title, the movies does not revolve around sex itself. I love watching the 2 movies because of the glamorous place and clothes and shoes. And I super love the friendship among them.

So here’s my dozen movies. I wonder how many of these movies I would actually watch in a theater house.

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