Employment Chronicle: First Ever Job Interview!

By Tuesday (June 26, 2012) afternoon, I received a text from the company I mentioned here that I have an interview by Wednesday, June 27.

I think I was already awake but 6 am but still very sleepy. I  slept late watching Friends and reading Pretty Little Liars book series. When my clock says 6:30, I forced myself to go to the bathroom. Before 7:30, I am already in a jeepney going to Alabang. Yes, I finally took the jeepney ride going there. It just cost me 27 pesos unlike my disaster, money-gone-in-a-second taxi experience.

I was at the office at 8. The interview would be at 9. Some other applicants were for interview as well. Some were my ‘batch mates’ on the initial screening.

I think the interviewer started by 9:30. After an hour, I felt something really not so good. I need to pee again! haha. I don’t even remember drinking a lot of water before I left home. Gosh, I hate the feeling. I was kinda nervous, and I had to pee! It was torture.

After 4 hours, I was finally in the hot seat! 4 hours! It was already 12 noon. I did my waiting! 4 hours!!! I already befriended and shared experiences on PAPJA to my ‘batchmate’ whom  became my buddy until we both went home.

During the interview, I think I was just nervous for about a minute. The interviewer was really friendly. I think I’ve shown enough confidence. I felt I was smiling the whole time, attentively listening to whatever my interviewer was saying, and sharing some thoughts of mine. I felt that my interview was going okey.

My position really is Marketing Assistant. To be honest, I don’t know anything on how to market a product. I don’t know what strategies to use and all that stuff. But I was a Psychology major, and my interviewer said that Psychology majors can work even outside the HR area. It’s true.

Then, we were talking and talking. Asking me some things. Me, answering as formal as I can be. Until I said something like “The only problem I have is that I want to do grad school either next sem or next year.” Then she asked me how would I do that, when the company is like a weekend-work or whatever is the proper term.

The whole interview, I was just being honest. So with all honesty, I said that I haven’t really think about that.

When I got out of the room, I realized that I might not be considered on the post because of this grad school thingie I mentioned. But, honest, I was just being honest with her and with myself!

The interviewer was very nice and said that she would still keep my resume and I just have to think about it.

After my interview, it was my new friend’s turn. After that, we had our lunch and went our separate ways.

Oh, when I was on my way home, I realized I have not shook my interviewer’s hand and did some stuff I learned on seminars and articles about job interviews.

Oh well. I am now here, making myself busy with my blog while waiting for other companies to contact me.


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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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