Taboo background

I think I tackled a great issue/topic on my last post and I wanted to give background to it.

That was my homework in our religion class (Theology). As far as I can remember, our professor said that we have to make an essay or something on what would you say if you’re giving a seminar. And our topic that time is I think Chastity. I’m not sure. Maybe it’s about PMS. Or something in that sense. You might get it guys!

I never intended my paper to be very long. It was a yellow paper back to back and another one-fourth of the second page long! A little consciously, I really wanted to make this homework as awesome as it can be as I need higher grades. My performance in this subject was… Well – I missed a lot of quizzes, I have few absents and a lot of lates so yeah, I need to do great on this. Also, I love essay activities. Essays are my secret for higher scores during exams or assignment! Haha

Luckily I got:


so glad when i saw this 🙂

Everything I said on the earlier entry is my opinion. My personal stand as of that moment and yes, even after almost a year, I am still on what I have mentioned there. 🙂


About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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