It was once a taboo.

Sex is pleasurable. Indeed it is. But is all the pleasure of the flesh worthy?

I grew up in a conservative family. Sex is a big taboo. We never talk about sex. I wasn’t allowed to enter a relationship until I graduate from college. That’s how conservative my family is! I just learned what is sex in school, i movies and television and in some books. I might still be innocent with this but this is how I’ve been raised,

I heard one of my favorite artist said “sex is a gift for married couple.” after hearing that from my idol, it stayed on my mind. It just stayed there without any other meaning for me. Sex is a gift. For married people. That’s it. It stayed on my mind without really understanding what “gift” really means.

For my whole life, I am enrolled in a private Catholic school. I’ve been studying my religion and God through my whole student life. I’ve been hearing a lot of terms such as fidelity, loyalty, self-giving, love for neighbors and love for God over and over.

As I grew older, I learned the value of virginity. Coming from a traditional family, virginity is such a big deal. But what I am seeing to the rest of the world isn’t what my theology professors and my conservative family are saying and teaching.

As I open myself to the world, I saw more that what I was supposed to see. What I can watch in almost all the movies now are the kissing scenes and bed scenes. Even in some of the novels i have read. Even the songs that suppose to inspire and entertain people have foul and immoral words. Then I realized, the world I came to know isn’t the world a lot of people is living in.

But now, I am talking as the mature girl, not the innocent girl living in her comfort zone. I am now a woman who is ready to understand everything the world has to offer. I may have still very few experiences but this is what I have reflected and gained and managed to understand:

Sex or should I say the virginity, is indeed the best gift you can give to your partner. It somewhat symbolizes your fidelity, your loyalty and your trust to your partner. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that those who are not virgins aren’t loyal, I’ll deal with that later.

Chastity is the key. Just imagine, why would you give your everything to someone without the blessing of God, our Father. I don’t want to sound like a nun or a saint here preaching about our God. But that is the undeniable truth. Marriage is the best thing to hold in believing to together forever.

Virginity may have been important for our culture, but this isn’t everything. Let say, the common example of a 1000-peso bill. At first, the bill is clean, tidy and in very good condition, but even if this bill was already crumpled and dirty, its worth is still there and does not change at all. Sure we all want the clean one, but we sill still desire to have a 1000Php, whatever its form is. Virginity is like that. You’ll marry someone not because of what he/she has, but because you love his/her whole being.

So let me go back to my first statement. Sex is pleasurable. To anyone who is doing that, there’s really a wonderful feeling. That’s why even not married couple is doing it. But it’s just the flesh that receives the pleasure. How about the heart and soul?

The world looks at sex as the physical thing. Just the union of the male and female genitals. But that doesn’t stop there. There are so much more than that. It is the best way of expressing love to your partner, and it’s only intended for married couple because conjugal act is actually for procreation. It is continuing God’s creation. It is not just merely for pleasure. We are not animals. We are the highest in the hierarchy of God’s creation, so we are special. Therefore, we must not act like animals.

We must not do what other are doing. Not because a lot are doing it, it automatically means it is right. We must remain chaste, not only because it is a  gift for our future spouse, but as being grateful to God, as our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

So I’ll leave you with a statement and a question. “Don’t do sex till marriage.” Then ask yourself, “is it worth the wait?”


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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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