Employment Chronicle: Que Sera Sera

Yes. The Spanish song that means whatever will be, will be. Same as another song. Come what may.

I think I started applying only last Saturday June 16, and on Monday June 18. I don’t really have any target company whatsoever. Whatever company who is in need of an HR assistant, I’ll click the apply button.

Let me elaborate my last sentence. First factor to consider is the place. It has to be accessible as I would join the working class in a train and jeepney. Next, the salary! Err. I think this is my first factor to consider. Haha I need a job that can pay my luxuries in life. You know, I’m an impulsive buyer, and I eat a lot. I am proud that I have a man’s stomach with a thin girl’s body. Also, I want to seriously start collecting books. One of my bosses in my school setting told me that she buys book every time she receives her salary. I have to do that as well. The saving for my expensive tuition fee on my would be- graduate school should start as soon as I receive my first ever income.

Third, the job responsibilities. I just don’t want a lot of this to handle. I’m a little girl so please be nice to me. Haha. Benefits are also one thing, but the internet does not actually state it. Gotta know this during the interview. Something to share: my brother receives wonderful benefit. Thanks to his benefit, we already have a treadmill at home.

So, you probably saw me tweeting que sera sera or saying just click that apply button. Because right now, I don’t totally care of the name/brand of the company. Hey, some of the not yet prominent companies offer a wonderful experience. So till the next employment chronicle.

-Ren, June 24, 2012


About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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