Employment Chronicle: Bulilit, Bulilit

Bulilit is a Filipino term for small children.

Wednesday (June 20, 2012) afternoon, I saw a text saying that the company is inviting me for an initial screening on Friday. Luckily, I was scheduled to go back to Manila by Thursday.

The company that texted me is Camella Homes. On the text, it says that the position is Marketing assistant. I got confused. I applied for the HR assistant online. But since it was the first company to contact me after I applied, I go for it.

The office was in Alabang. By 5:30 I was already up. 7 am and I am waiting for a bus in EDSA. But there was no bus. I saw though jeepney with route Pasay Rotonda-Alabang. But if I will be screened, I wanted to look presentable. So I decided to ride in a taxi.

The taxi driver told me that whatever is my fee, I should add 50php because it was far and people on that place don’t usually take taxi going to Pasay. I was desperate so I agreed immediately.

While we were near the Alabang place, my fee on the meter was ridiculously high. And i haven’t realized that there would be toll way fee. That cost me 118 php. Omigosh. It’s only 8 am and I already lost 400 freaking pesos. 😦 Oh well, charge this to experience.

My schedule was 9am. I was at the office at 8am. I was early; I think I still look fine. To be honest, I was not nervous at all. Maybe because i am not really taking this seriously. I feed my mind that this is like my OJT, nothing to be worried about.

There are a lot of applicants I met, most of them were applying for office staff. By 9:30, an employee, I’m guessing she’s an HR officer gave us applicants psychological test.

The first test was abstract. The test looked really familiar. I’m sure I’ve seen that during my OJT. I even tweeted that it was DAT. But while answering, I realized that it wasn’t. I think I saw that test when I checked psychological test on my OJT in the mental hospital.

There was vocabulary test, math and all that stuff. After that, we waited again. The room was beginning to get cold. And I needed to pee. But I can’t get out of the room. What if the HR officer came back and called me and I wasn’t there? Oh no. I felt sleepy that time. Mygosh.

Then few more minutes, she came back. She called names. Almost half of the group and she brought them to another place. I wasn’t called. I thought I failed. (But how can I? I was sure on some of my answer!) Few more minutes, she came back. She gave us another set of test to answer. To my surprise, it’s the very familiar Sach’s Sentence Completion Test (SSCT) and an essay of some personal stuff. I can’t answer this! I had to go to the loo first! So yes, finally I asked for the bathroom. Biggest sigh! Finally!

How crazy is this. Few months ago, I was the one administering the SSCT, but now I was answering it for a job. It took me less than an hour to finish all the essay and when the HR officer came back, she said that she’ll just call us for the interview. This might probably on Wednesday. Just wait for the call.

And that is my first ever initial screening. I was kinda disappointed because i wear my only long sleeve with my pencil cut skirt with my high heels because I thought  would be interviewed. But nooo. I just took test, some psychological test which is very familiar. I even wanted to interpret my answers on SSCT. Haha

I had a feeling that I can get this job. Oh you know me, I assume a lot of things, especially on what will happen to me on the future.

It ended by lunch time so I ate first at the mall and took a jeep to ride going home.

Oh and the marketing assistant? I still don’t know. But on every piece of paper that asked for position applying for, I wrote HR assistant.

And this entry is so long. I haven’t noticed. My phone is quite slowing on showing what I have written. So till the next employment chronicles. xx


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