Featured Song: Harry

If you are a Potterhead like me, you probably already knew this song. If you’re not, well, this entry is for you.

A little background: Harry is a song from A Very Potter Musical. It was sung by Ginny’s character who has a big crush on Harry.

I would like to open this song to the muggle world (people who are non-magical, people who are not aware of the magical world). This song is really wonderful. Few lines from the song really struck me. I can totally relate to this as a girl who when she gets a crush on someone, she really fell deep in crush with that someone.

“Everything is falling and I don’t know where to land. Everyone knows who he is, but they don’t know who I am.”

Even when you’re just standing there, you take away my breath. And maybe, someday, you’ll hear my song and understand that all along, there’s something more that I’m trying to say.”

I almost just write the whole song. Anyway, the artist, Jamie Lyn Beatty has a wonderful voice and can really hit the high notes. I even saw on youtube comments that “She has such a Disney princess voice :)”, which I totally agree. I also love the way she interpreted it. I really can feel Ginny’s feelings towards Harry. It sometimes reminds me of the crushes of mine. Haha.

So if you ran out of words to describe how you feel for your crush or beloved, this song might help.

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1 Response to Featured Song: Harry

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    The songs in AVPM are really good… and she does have a very disney princess voice.

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