started with something little

I always love the piano at the background of the song Someone Like You. I’m the kind of person who enjoys classical music or contemporary instrumental music.

Two weeks ago, I listened via youtube the song’s piano version and it was magnificent. I felt like listening to Yiruma songs. So I was inspired to learn how to play it. I thought the song was easy to learn. I mean, even before I listened to the instrumental alone, I always thought that the piano was easy and I can handle it.

So I searched for the song’s sheet music and I tried to play it in the keyboard. But it was hard! Omigoodness. The first part of the intro wasn’t that complicated for me so I managed it. But I wasn’t even sure if I’m hitting the right notes. I think the sheet music is in the Key of A. Not sure! hahaha

And this is the first time I opened the keyboard at home after a very very long time. Just a little history: I studied playing the organ when I was a kid and I was on my beginner level on the piano before I stopped. And then, I did not practice it as I thought that I would remember all the pieces I learned. And as I grew old, my memory fails me on this part.

When I tried to play, my hands immediately felt the pain. My hands are no longer used to the playing and stretching. I felt hard controlling my left hand as well. My hands already forgotten how to play the keyboard.

My point in this entry? Simple. Appreciate everything and put whatever you do to your heart. When I was studying, I neither hate nor love playing the keyboards. I just liked it. It was just on my routine every week. During summer vacation, I go to class thrice a week. And during school days, Saturdays are meant to be piano lessons. I never realized the importance of things. Now that I’m old enough, I realized that I love the music that piano brings. I get kilig whenever I listen to it or fell in love every time I see someone who is so good playing it. I regret not practicing.

If I just put my heart on this thing, maybe I’m one of the great artists right now. So if right now you’re having lessons in piano, or guitar, or singing or acting or speech or anything, just appreciate it. Look for something on that that you really enjoy. Maybe now, you can’t see the importance or goodness of it but in the future, it will all be helpful and handy.

Here’s the Someone Like You instrumental.


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