Monday Bonding

May 21, 2012, Monday. I finally met two of my high school friends. We were talking on meeting up few days ago and finally we did!

I saw Nessa last black friday (this was April 2nd week) but haven’t spoken since we were at the mass. Then our other friend Gemma said that we saw each other almost 4 years ago. Haha She got shocked that I’m wearing braces! Well not shocked as she pretty much saw my photos with braces in facebook but this was the first time personally.

It’s funny to think. Just 4 years ago we graduated high school and don’t have any idea what to do in our life. Now, Gemma and I are already graduates. Nessa would graduate next year (5-year course). We bonded like we were never away from each other. We seldom see each other but when we do, we really make quality bonding. There are no awkwardness at all. Even after a long time, we can still laugh at simple things, like real friends do.

We were 4-charity once. Now we’re professionals. I can’t imagine the day one of us would get marry and have kids. But this would be a looong time. Everyone’s priority is to be successful in our chosen fields.

Love you girls!

section during 4th year. the dog stayed there for a while. nagpapapicture yata talaga!

first photo of me in my blog!


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sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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