S Club 7

Last night, I was chilling in twitter when I saw that S Club 7 was trending. I thought they were having a concert series, like other 90s singing group were doing nowadays. Apparently, they are not. How sad it is to realize that.

I was not a big fan of the group as I am a fan of Miley Cyrus right now but their songs were part of my childhood. I can still remember watching their series on Disney Channel at dawn. I don’t even know the title of their series, I just know that S Club 7 was starring in that show. And they have a movie as well, right?!

So, I went to youtube to listen to their songs. To my surprise, after hearing the first two lines of Don’t Stop Moving, I feel like every happy memory in my childhood came back to my being. Before I know it, I was singing along. It is really fun to go back to the 90s music, and I’m glad I, together with the 90s people have something to go back home when they feel like enjoying the simplicity of life.

Here is Don’t Stop Moving. 

and if you enjoy that, here’s Bring it All Back. This is the “don’t stop never give up song.” Haha

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