The Hobbit – Book and Trailer

I finished reading this book few days ago and to be honest, I did not actually have a good time reading it. I started reading this on March but I had an on and off relationship with this book. I would read half a chapter before sleeping and finally, after almost two months, I finished this! Haha

The story for me is just good, not great but not bad. I don’t even know why I did not enjoy this. Because if I was actually enjoying this, it would just take me less than a week to finish it. I think the story is easy to read. It’s just a personal difference.

Anyway, I am not planning on blogging about this but I just watched the trailer and it’s actually good. I felt the danger and adventure that I haven’t felt while reading this. I am hoping I could watch this in theater and have something good to say about this.

Oh, and while watching the trailer, I can’t believe Dumbledore’s still alive. (You know I’m just kidding, right?)

here’s the trailer guys, enjoy!


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