The Avengers

Let me clear this thing first I am not a fan of the Marvel Superheroes. I just know them by face and that’s all. I’ve been hearing and reading a lot of good feedback about this movie, and today, my cousins and nephews watched this together.

The first part of the movie bored me. The characters just talked and talked and to be honest, I don’t understand a lot of this talking. Anyway, when the action started, it was totally awesome!

I can’t believe how the film makers did this movie. I mean,New York seems so real. I felt that they actually fought in the middle of the streets. The effects were totally awesome as well. My favorite part on this would be Stark turning intoIronMan.I was so amazed with this, but my cousin Mycah was like “ay, di mo pa napanood Iron Man?” (Haven’t you watched Iron Man?)

The Hulk was soooooo funny! Everyone was laughing on his shining moments. My cousins Mycah and Madel favoritedIronMan.It was a good choice, he’s very intelligent and a good leader, but that kinda confused me. Captain America was like the leader at first but when they were fighting with the army, Iron Man was a better leader. Anyway, Captain America was so handsome and hot. OMG!

Black Widow is my kind of girl. She is very pretty and intelligent and can bring men down! Oh yeah! I feel like I can relate to her because I always wanted to be a tough girl.

This experience was really cool. Oh and today, I got haircut! Finally! This is my first time I go to the salon without my mother. I felt like a big girl already. I’m so proud of myself!


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