I saw a photo in tumblr saying ‘nerd. I prefer the term more intelligent.’

Photo from web.

Personally, I love the term nerd. Or geek. Or whatever. It’s a compliment for me. Isn’t it obvious on my blog’s name? How do people even know that a person is a nerd? What’s their category?
Eye glasses? messy hair? Braces? Loves school and studying? Has some weird habits? Well that’s all me! Except the eye glasses but sometimes I fancy wearing it.

And why people always make fun of these nerds? is it because they are weak and have no lots of friends? I don’t think nerd is a negative adjective to describe a person. I think it’s really an achievement to be called a nerd.

Being a nerd is not being weak or no social life or the braces. Being a nerd is knowing what to believe, where to make a stand, what to prioritize and more importantly, how to handle responsibility.

It’s the stereotype that people do. It’s like saying blonde are just beautiful and dumb. But they are not.

I am Ren. And I still struggling to be a nerd. Yes, call me nerd. Call me geek, and I’ll be grateful for that.

**I think I made this during my 1st semester, last year in college. This has been staying in my phone for a long time.

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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