what is wrong with me today?

to summarize this day, September 26, 2011, 2 years after the Ondoy and a year after the bombing in La Salle, will only need very few words — irrational. blunted affect. impulsive.

let me share what happened today.

my day started at 9 am for my first class. i had an impromptu report. in my report i said “halimbawa, kailangan ko ng pamasahe, bibigyan nila ako ng pagkain.” seriously? where is the logic to that? that was only the first. and while our professor was discussing (or more like sharing her stories), bea and i were sharing stories too, about the MMK 20th anniversary. bea mentioned the story in which gina pareno had 3 psychotic children, which i immediately said “ah yung isa si jhong navarro!” ooops. that’s the 2nd. it’s jhong hilario, by the way.

for the 2nd class, our very good professor didn’t teach us at all. she just let us do our thesis, which nobody at that time did. she entertained some of my classmates queries for their thesis. an unexpected free time. argh! i hate that. i have nothing to do. i am not even sleepy. i don’t have my headset. my memory card was not in my phone so i can’t read books. i feel so empty. blunted affect to really describe it. that’s the 3rd.

the lunch with friends went great. thank goodness, i did not show any stupidity at that time. after lunch, bea and i waited for our thesis adviser for some consultation. and due to my lack of patience, i told be, “uwi na lang tayo.” take note this was almost nearly 3pm. good thing my thesis mate is still on her proper mind, we still waited for our adviser. and i think this is the only logical and rational think that i made in this day.

oh, while we are waiting for our adviser, i just realized that i still don’t have any hand-outs for tomorrow’s rehab quiz. again, thank you bea for making me realize that.

when i came home, i edited the file for rehab but when i went to the computer shop, and i saw the file, i told the one operating the computer that it was a wrong file, then i immediately get out. i was even saying to myself my favorite line, bloody hell! but when i came back to the dorm, i checked the file and it was the correct file! argh! that is really bloody hell! 4th of this day!!

on my way to the dorm, i saw the barbeque restaurant and my feet just brought me there. it was not my schedule today to eat there but i dont know why i still order there. and when my food finally came, i realized that it”s egg again that i am eating. i just ate egg on lunch! so this is the 5th.

and lastly, i am typing this entry instead of studying for 3 quizzes and a report. i guess this is the 6th?

oh, if i have wrong spelling in this entry or a wrong grammar, forgive me! this entry is because of my impulsiveness!

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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