missing someone

i am missing someone so much. not really sure if i miss the person or the idea of him. yes, him, a guy. if you’re a close friend, you’ll probably know who i am talking.

this entry is due to my impulse. i saw something somewhere and made me feel this feeling, whatever this feeling is called. it’s 2am at the moment, and i should have already sleeping.

i miss looking at the corridor of the school every day waiting for him to come, to walk on the very same corridor i am on. i miss waiting for the very minute i’ll see his face, and get “kilig”. he might not notice me but, well, it’s okey. i have already checked reality.

you know the feeling of being excited to go to school every day because you’ll get a glimpse of your ultimate crush. the feeling of sooo inspired, that you want to do good in every subject you have hoping that he’ll notice you.

it’s been one and a half year, or probably two, since i stay outside the classroom waiting for someone, being nervous when he finally came and kilig to the bones secretly. i just miss the fun of waiting and seeing my crush.

oh yes, i miss you.

P.S. i am more inspired to do this entry because i just saw that one of my entries was liked by 9 people, another entry was liked by 8 people. it means so much to me.


About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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