6 months to go….

I am not sure how my Industrial/Organizational Psych professor came to on to saying that we only got 6 months left before graduation, before facing the real world. Then I think the class said something like “it’s so fast”. So he said that if we  feel the it’s fast, we have been enjoying life.

Well, he’s correct in concluding that. The last four years of my life were such a roller coaster. I think I felt every emotion a human would feel. Joy, sadness, depressed, confused. (I want to include in this list being in love and heartache, but I think that would not be appropriate. Haha Going back…)

Yeah, my college time was so short. Even at this time, 6 months before actually graduating, I am not really 100% sure if this is what i really want to do on the rest of my life.

Four years of being free and away from home, trying to be an independent mature. Four years of hanging out with friends and struggling with some conflicts to others. Four years of paper works, quizzes, exams and strict rules. Four years, actually the last of being a carefree student.

With the few months left, I bet I really need to make the most out of it. Only six months and goodbye to the life I got used to.

*written last September 6, 2011


About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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