July 21 poetry

i was supposed to sleep already but before closing my eyes, i noticed the half-moon. i was so fascinated by its place. i can really see it through my windows while lazily lying down in my bed. it was so wonderful. so i tweeted,

half moon tonight! i can see it clearly while lying on my bed. :)) i really like this satellite of ours. :))

my sleepy head was changed into an energetic one, (but that’s not entirely the moon’s fault. i received a good news.) i was so inspired by the lovely moon, so i tweeted this.

though im far from you, i can still be your light. though i know we’ll never be meet, i will still care for you. :))

my last tweet is inspired by the moon. the moon is really inspiring tonight. and to borrow nikki gil’s line, ‘the poet in me awakens.’ :))

yes, indeed the poet in me awakens. it’s been ages since i write an essay for myself. it’s been ages since the last time i tried to make a poem or anything. i am just glad that i was inspired by the moonlight!

this moon is really inviting me to write something. An essay, poem or story… its rays seems like waking my inner poet.
yes, my last tweet has grammar error. forgive me on that! it’s suppose to be its rays SEEM.
this is my creation, inspired by the moonlight. Moonlight.


About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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