because i pass the CSC exam.

Before graduating in high school, i felt very stupid and incompetent. I did not pass the UST entrance test. That result made me feel really like a loser. I never shone in high school. I was not the girl who is good in mathematics or the performing arts or in public speaking. I was just an ordinary girl. I may be graduated with honors butIi really felt that my mind did not have any valuable substance.

Before college starts, i promised myself that i’ll study hard. i want to prove to everyone that i may not be a genius one but my brain has at least some worthy substance. I try to study every quizzes and exams but yet the lazy in me still lingers. My school do not have the best professors especially in the psychology department yet i quite feel competent. I can also say that in our block we are not really the best students. We are not as bright as those from the top universities but we are all just trying to graduate.

In college, a lot of doors open. i learned that i have a passion for writing but during in high school, i don’t even have the confidence in my grammar. I am not saying that i am a master now but a least i have the confidence to write. I also realize that i love the performing arts as well which i very much hope that i realize this during my high school.

I am writing this entry not to compare my high school and my college experiences. I just want to remember that this day, i am feel competent. I am no longer the stupid girl. I may not pass a university entrance exam but i already pass the career service exam.

A lot will tell that the civil service career exam is easy. I’ve read a lot from internet forums. But passing this exam gives me the confidence in myself. All along i thought i wont pass it because i was not interested but after hearing the news, i felt so bless.

Everyone experiences this kind of up and down. We just need a right time to realize that everyone of us has a worth and value in this world. :))

Till the next exam!

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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