Medicine-Proper Student

here is a compilation of some of my thoughts about me in a medical school.

February 13, 2011

Ugali ko, personality ko at perception ko sa mga tao ang pumipigil at hahadlang sa pagiging doctor ko. Isa sa pinakanaeenjoy kong subject and abnormal psychology, aside from any mathematics and statistics subjects.

Ayaw ko nga lang ba magpadaig at mapag-iwanan? Help me.

February 27, 2011 (1st)

Parang bigla kong gustong magdoctor ulit. Pumasok na to sa isip ko noon pero narealize ko na nadadala lang ako ng environment ko. Tingin ko naman, kaya ng utak ko. And i know, papa and mama will support me no matter what. and i have decided long ago that that was just  a crazy dream. Pero bakit bumabalik na naman to ngayon?

Sila nga, nakakaya nila. Ako pa kaya? Alam ko mahirap pero tyagaan lang. Kaya ko nga ba talaga, o ayaw ko na namang magpadaig sa kanila? I thought i have decided that i will be working in the industrial field,but why is it recurring to me?


A crazy plan: i’ll take NMAT, then if i would pass the test, i’ll enter a medical school. Maybe that’s how i can determine my destiny. But the thing is, i still have to take other subjects such as physics in order to take the NMAT.

Then i realized, i am never a brilliant biology student, nor on physics. But at least i can say that i can do mathematics and statistics. Can i really do all this?

I mean, i don’t want to waste my parents’ money to this crazy idea. Still deciding. Still thinking.


About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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