Bb. Pilipinas 2011 questions

i was supposed to write this the morning after the competition, but because i was too lazy, it took me almost a month to make this. and all are relatively short since i was feeling that i am a candidate too! hahaha

1. who is your personal hero?
my personal hero is J.K. Rowling. i’ve just read her harry potter series and it taught me the value of love, friendship, trust and loyalty. this seems quite odd but arent these things are the sure way to value and live a happy life. (i sound too harry potter fan in this question. sorry! i cant help it!)

2. what is your dream and is it happening now?
one of my dreams is to be a performer. i think i havent realized it when i was a little girl, but as days passes by, i know this dream is quite happening as i had chance to show other part of my self.

3. what is your advice to a teenager?
Do everything you want, risk if you need. lose something, gain something, just doit. that way you can understand life practically.

4.what do you want to change in the world?
the advances of our technology. now, we no longer know how to communicate on real people. this technology make every thing in an instant that we no longer know how to be patient.

5. what is one experience that molded your personality or change your prospective in life?

6. are fathers capable of duty of a woman’s?
in our time, women are asking for equality, i think we must also not ask if a father is capable of being a mother. yes of course, they can also give an unconditional love and support to their children and be their number one fan.

7. what word can identify yourself?
unique. and my uniqueness or sometimes called weirdness often misunderstood. but that is okay. my uniqueness gives me  a chance to open the world of creativity.

8. what is a major major lesson men can learn from women?
cry and smile every time you feel the need to do it. it wont harm anybody even you.

9. what trait of yours you want to change?
being a reserve/ introvert. i always misunderstood by this. and i really want to socialize more.

*i only answered 9 out of 15. some of the questions in my notes are not understandable, some are i find it hard to answer. haha

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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