FVR wins the presidency

Fidel V. Ramos was elected the new president in 11 May 1992. He was the 12th president of the country.

He gathered 23.58% of the total votes. FVR closely defeated Miriam Defensor-Santiago who was leading on the first five days of canvassing of votes.

FVR was nominated and endorsed by Corazon Aquino, the president before him.

This was the first general election under the 1987 National Constitution. Another newly part of this election was the selection of 24 senators. The 12 candidates with the highest votes had their 6-year term and while the next 12 had their 3-year term.

“But it’s not that nice and easy and smooth. Everybody, specially the elected officials, has to work hard to repair the hole in our not so modern ship,” says Ramos about the election.

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