The world of plain?

A black and white television. Plain Rice with nothing to top with. Trees without flowers and fruits. Oceans without the corals and fishes.

Can you imagine it? It is really hard, isn’t it? This is like the world without journalism.

I did not know what journalism at first really means. I thought it was only the news I read in the newspapers, and the things they feature in a magazine. And it stops there.

I did not know that journalism is as open as the doors of the Church were, as many as the people who walk every feast of the Black Nazarene, as the numbers of people who eat fast foods every day. Journalism is everywhere.

The words that President Noynoy Aquino uttered in his speeches are journalism. The lines from a novel you read or the movies you watched that made you smile or cry is journalism. The fairy tale you love since you were a little girl is journalism. The manga you read is journalism. The lyrics of your favorite song is journalism. The photos you see on every billboard, or on you Facebook account is journalism.

This is our world today. The world consists of journalism.

 It gives one a headache if he would picture his world lost of words and photos. It is like you alone on a lost island. No one to be with except yourself. No one to talk to except your mind. Journalism takes our life and as a whole the entire Earth without us knowing it. We took for granted the words we read or we hear. We ignore these things because we all know that these will not go away and it will remain forever.

Can you live the world without journalism?

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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