sweet lines from NILLY

Favorite Lines from Billy Crawford’s interview to Nikki Gil

(for Nikki’s 23rd birthday)

Nikki: I normally wouldn’t pursue it eh. Pag naging rough na yung waters, susuko na ako, gigive-up na ko.

Billy: Pero napansin ko sayo Nikki, you never give-up, not once, hindi ka sumuko

Nikki: because I love you.

“I’d never loved anyone before.” – Nikki Gil

Billy: why me? ako yung opposite guy. Ako yung di mo type.

Nikki: why not? I guess I really wanted you that much na titiisin ko kung anko yung dapat nating pagdaanan. I would grow up quicker than I’m suppose to if I have to, for you.

“You’re not looking after yourself anymore. You’re just after my welfare. You just want me to grow, sacrificing your own dream just to make mine come true. If that is not love, then I don’t know what it is.

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