Shutter Island

For the sake of psychology and psychiatry, I had decided to watch Shutter Island. I am not a fan of horror, suspense or mystery movies. Oh gosh, why would I scare myself when movies were made to entertain people. But this movie is different. As I said for the sake of psych. I watched it alone.

The first part was during dawn. Oh gosh. My heart was jumping from every scene. I was so damn afraid that I did not continue watching it. Two days later, I watched the second part, despite the fear of seeing yucky stuff and the suspense it brings, I still finished it because, for the third time, for the sake of psychology.

Shutter Island features a guy who is a schizophrenic. Of course I wouldn’t pass this opportunity to learn more about schizophrenia. For all psychology majors, this movie is a must seen. The suspense adds how a schizophrenic lives his life. I swear, this is the only suspense movie I would ever finish for the sake of psychology.

*i have made this article ages ago. i cant even remember when. i usually remember when i watch i certain movie, but due to the fact that my brain IS contaminated with toxic lessons, i totally forgot. 😀


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