i am so lazy.

on my sembreak, i should be working on a mock-magazine as a requirement for the series of Campus Journalism seminar. now, it is already the start of 2nd sem. 2 days to go and it’s deadline. and the fact that it is one-week extended gave me the opportunity to work it, yet i still have nothing!

another thing, i have to do 2 articles, which i am no longer sure when is the deadline. and now, i am so lazy to update it and finish it.

then, as the 2nd sem starts, a new article is assigned. and i dont know how to start this, but this is the easiest article since all i have to do is write my experience.

now, i am thinking of quitting. haha. well, i know, i’ll be gone on that organization, sooner or later. i thought i can handle this, but when laziness strucks, i am lost.

About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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One Response to i am so lazy.

  1. CM Salazar says:

    After writing your blog entry, leave Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress. Open your Microsoft Word, and start writing your article! I don’t think it is laziness that thwarts you from writing what needs to be written.

    Writer’s block can be remedied by free writing. Journaling, or blogging, is a form of free writing. 🙂

    Go, Ate Ren!

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