Philosophy Assignment

As I was browsing my documents to the last semester, i saw this. haha. This was our first assignment and i think last too. Of course, I made an extra effort to this, not because for the points, but because I want to impress someone. haha

This subject is one of my favorites!

*Is there a view from nowhere?

Nowhere is like a blank sheet of bond paper. Plain. Blank. Nothing on it. To see that it is blank, one must observe it carefully. Yes. There is a view from nowhere. Why? Because it is blank, therefore, you can put anything on it. That view is what you can see on the blank sheet of bond paper. There is view from nowhere because there is no really such thing as nowhere. You cannot say that the edge of a cliff is nowhere, nor the deep dark abyss. Nowhere is only in the head. It is the imagination of a person being used while viewing the view of nowhere. For me, viewing nowhere means exciting and enchanting, as viewing nowhere for me relaxes my eyes and my mind.

*How many angels can dance at the tip of a needle?

It depends on how many angels want to dance. Angels can be as big as a human being and can be small as small as they want to be. Since angels are like disciples of God, they have somewhat the so-called special powers. They can be with a person, though not physically. Meaning – angels are just free and happy spirits floating around us. Angels are believed to be spiritual beings, they have no material mass, and so any angels can be at the tip of a needle. They can dance all day long, and infinite numbers of angel can share the tip of the needle.

*If 2 boxers pray before their fight, whom will God hear?

God will definitely hear both of the two boxer’s prayer. God has the power to listen to everyone even though everyone prays at the same time. But God already prefigured who will win at all. Before the boxers have prayed, He already made a decision on who will win the fight. Definitely, one will win and the other one will lose. As the saying goes, “Everything happens for a reason.” Even though one boxer lose, it does not mean that God did not heard his prayer, it just so happened that He is panning more for him. But to give an emphasize, let me repeat, God can hear all the prayers. Even though 100 boxers pray at the same time, He can clearly hear and listen to each prayer.

*Tell the difference of the following statements.

  1. He clumsily stepped on the snail.
  2. Clumsily, he stepped on the snail.
  3. He stepped clumsily on the snail.
  4. He stepped on the snail clumsily.

The first statement means that he awkwardly stepped the snail. He have stepped the snail because of his clumsiness. The second statement means that he accidentally stepped it. He is not aware that there is snail and therefore, he have stepped it. The third statement is the opposite of the second. He purposely stepped on the snail. He is aware of it and really means it. The last statement means that the snail is the one who is clumsy. Maybe the snail is on the man’s way and therefore, the man stepped the snail. If only the snail was on his right way, it would not be stepped by persons.


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