How to impress positively?

When you are all alone and you know nobody, what to do? Make a positive impression!

Every one says that first impression lasts. So, to make this lasting heart-warming impression, being positive is always needed. Being in this judgmental world, impression seems to just in one corner of a small room.

Start making a positive impression physically. Dress well. Clothes speak a part of your personality. A human resource officer can even assess a part of who you ar. Then, be conscious of your gestures. Act properly. Act accordingly. Act positively.

Be aware of how you speak. Talk intelligently. A professor once told our class, “Even if you really don’t know, speak intelligently as if you know everything,” it does not matter if you speak in front of a large audience or on a one-on-one interview, what matters most is how you appeal to others.

Making impression is not always pleasing others; it is letting them feel how you are positively.


**This is my feature article for our Feature Writing Seminar. haha. sorry people, sabaw!


About princessrenren

sharing personal things without actually being personal. i have more sense when writing than speaking.
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