i am sam (MR)

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**in our subject, Neuro-Developmental Disorders, we watched the movie I Am Sam, and we were tasked to do a reflection/reaction on MR (Mentally Retarded) building up their own family.


Even on the first meeting of this course, when our professor asked us about our reaction on the MRs having their own family I strongly agree that they should. The first reason I can really think of is that love can make all things happen and they are human too. But of course, I should elaborate it more.

As a Catholic, I will include God on this reasoning. MRs have the right to have their own family. They are still sons of God, they are also created by His likeness, but something special is added. God created them not to be belittled by His other sons, but to live freely the life He gave. He created them because He loves them and He has plans for them. So, what am I really trying to say? It’s simple. We are all equal. Whatever is your right here on earth is the right of everyone too, including the exceptions. We, the so-called normals should not and should never dictate the so-called abnormal what to do with their life. God has plans, and if in His plan includes that an MR will be having a family, then so be it.

I sound biased by including God, so, removing the faith, I still agree. Imagine this scenario: an MR decided to start a family. A brave soul, isn’t he? Maybe they are not as smart as the normals but their heart can’t be foolished. If they decided to start a family, then they also decided about being responsible to another creature. If they can love another human being, then they can still love their offsprings.

But how about the genetical issues and their population growth? Here’s what I say. Even if their population will grow, they can never ever overcome the population of the normals. The normals produce almost 400,000 babies all over the world. They produce like insects which are very bulk and very fast.

Intelligence can never hinder someone to have his own family. He can produce and love one through his heart, not by his mind.

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